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Is Cleanaer technology supported by independent test and research?

Cleanaer has been independently tested by a number of authorities and laboratories.

A selection of our tests are available in a single PDF document. It contains:


Does it clean a whole room?

YES – Cleanaer Liquid-ion cleaning droplets are carried by the air currents to every corner of your room. Liquidions lock-out the dust and other particles from the breathable air; it is like having thousands of tiny air purifiers patrolling your room.

A single Cleanaer device can fragrance a room of up to 152m3 in size.


Why Cleanaer devices are better than fan and filter technologies

What are the limitations of fan and filter technologies? 

• They only clean the air once it’s drawn through the fan
• They are noisy, bulky and expensive
• They only work in the location where they are plugged in and cannot treat dust beyond the range of the device.
• It can be difficult to know when the filter needs changing and can cause more air pollution
• They don’t work well in small spaces with poor airflow and central heating
• They don’t work well in open environments

How does it compare to other ionizer technologies?

Cleanaer devices are completely different to a conventional ionizer. They use electrostatics to create Liquid-ions, which are tiny cleaning droplets. An ionizer uses a similar electrostatic function but releases ions into the air creating charged gas particles.

Cleanaer Liquid-ions are tiny in that they are a similar size as a dust/pollen or allergen particle, but are actually also 1000 times larger than an Ionizers' GasIon. The GasIons work when there are lots of them in a small space, i.e. around the area of the product that releases them, but are actually very poor at cleaning a larger space. In the process of creating the GasIons a bi-product called Ozone can also be created. Ozone is a dangerous substance that can irritate people with breathing difficulties. Liquid-ions hold much more charge than a GasIon and the process is completely ozone-free.

Liquid-ions are big enough to act on their own, floating through all the air in the room, attracting dust and other particles. They can float further than 8m from the Cleanaer unit in search of unwanted particles in the air.

How much noise does it make?

NONE – Cleanaer devices are completely silent. (Zero decibels).


Why choose Cleanaer over other technologies?

There is doubt as to whether air purifiers help allergy sufferers. However, Cleanaer devices do much more than normal air purifiers:

• They protect by locking out pollutants from the breathable air, regardless of whether people are in a room.
• They can lock-out pollutants kicked up as we walk around our homes and enter the air.
• They can be used small and large rooms, but other filters don’t work well in small rooms as they require
   maximum air flow to be effective
• Cleanaer is ozone-free but ionizers are not, and some combination products also emit ozone.