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What does the orange flashing light mean?

If you have a white Cleanaer unit with an orange light / LED this is what the light/s mean:

1. On initial start up
The "orange" light will come on CONSTANTLY for a few minutes and then it will switch itself  OFF.

2. Whilst the unit is in use
The light will come ON and will "flash" when the liquid is being dispersed in the room.

3. When a cartridge and/or batteries need replacing
The orange light will come on and remain on CONSTANTLY.

In summary:
A flashing orange light means the unit is working. A constant orange light means please change cartridge/batteries and or both.
(But if the orange light remains on constantly (i.e. longer than 3 minutes) once new cartridges/batteries have been changed - this would indicate a fault.)

How do you know when the cartridge has run out?

The cartridges will last at least 30 days, but may last longer depending on which setting they are used at and other environmental conditions. Lower settings mean the cartridge will last longer. Higher settings will mean a larger space is covered more effectively.

You can detect the end of a cartridge’s life in two ways. Firstly you will no longer be able to smell the fragrance and you will see an increase in air pollution. Secondly, when the batteries run out the lights will change from their normal startup / spraying mode. Either you will see a red LED flashing to indicate the end of battery life, or the blue / orange light will stay on constantly for more than 3 minutes.

Change the cartridge and the batteries at the same time.

My cartridge is empty. What do I do?

Cartridges can be disposed of in normal domestic waste or in accordance with regional recycling. The cartridge and both batteries must be replaced. All cartridges are supplied with batteries. Find your local reseller to purchase a new cartridge, or call the UK Head Office to ask where to purchase units. Call +44(0)1491 838 326.

New cartridges - fragrances

Smells can stir powerful emotions and our fragranced cartridges are the finishing touch to any room. Our cartridges contain a unique formulation controlled to conform to the highest levels of safety and quality. However, we do recommend that allergy-sufferers, and particularly people who have allergies to fragrance, should use our Pure Allergy Cartridge.

See the different fragrances in our range  


Recurring orders - how do I set up an automatic subscription?

If you would like to receive Cleanaer cartridges once every 8 weeks, without having to think about it, you can sign up for Cleanaer Life. This subscription will automatically deduct the cost of the cartridges from your credit / debit card (whichever you select) and Cleanaer will send you the cartridge by Second Class Post anywhere within England - postage free!

NOTE: only available for customers in England.

Sign up for 'Cleanaer Life' now.