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Will it remove pet smells?

Will Cleanaer™ air purifiers remove pet smells?

YES - Cleanaer devices get to work immediately to remove all but the most stubborn pet smells from the air in your home. A device can be positioned onto a wall anywhere in the room where your pet spends most of their time. It does not need to be mounted directly above this area. You should notice a difference within 24 hours.

Can it help remove my cigarette and cigar smoke odors?

YES. Cleanaer devices have been proven to help reduce cigarette smoke. The unique technology means that smoke odors do not linger, even after a party or a visiting smoker. The lock-down process also helps take the smoke smell out of your furnishings and curtains.

How many Cleanaer devices do I need?

One Cleanaer device fragrances a room up to 152m³, an area that is larger than most rooms in the average home or enclosed office.

For open plan areas 2 or more consoles can be positioned as required to provide optimum airflow for Liquid-ions to circulate, surrounding us with fresher, clearer air.

For maximum efficiency position your Cleanaer device so that it sprays into a large open space providing maximum air circulation.



Can I use it with my windows open?

YES – Cleanaer devices works well in an open environment. As new pollutants enter the room the electrostatically charged droplets, or Liquid-ions, get straight to work to lock-out particles as soon as they enter the space.

Can it be used to clear open areas?

YES – Cleanaer is a flexible liquid air purifying system that works in smaller as well as larger areas. Cleanaer devices work together to surround you with clear, fresh air. 


Where does it work most effectively?

Cleanaer devices should ideally be positioned on the wall, preferably at or above 2m (6ft) high. They should be positioned to spray into an open space. Cleanaer devices do not need to be located next to or beside the source of the problem.

If you are unable to attach a Cleanaer device to a wall, although it is not ideal you can place it on a surface facing away from a wall.

How do you clean up the droplets?

No extra cleaning is required. The droplets can be tidied up as part of your normal cleaning.