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Cleanaer background

CleanaerTM is developed and manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical Company.   

We invented, patented and developed the technology in the UK. Sumitomo Chemical dates back to the "House of Sumitomo," a business with a history spanning more than three centuries.

The Sumitomo Chemical Group includes over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates operating in six business sectors - basic chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics, fine chemicals, IT-related chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and pharmaceuticals - and supplies a broad range of products for global markets. For more information visit

How much does it cost?

Cleanaer is excellent value for money, and the benefits it brings can be used to generate new revenue for businesses.

Please contact us for more information.


Contact us

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Facts about allergies - how many people suffer?

FAQ's: how many allergy sufferers?

• 18 million people in the UK suffer from allergies
• 1-in-3 adults and 1-in-4 children suffer from allergies and asthma
• Indoor air is up to 5x more polluted than outdoors
• We now spend on average 85% of our times indoor.
• By making our homes and offices more energy efficient, and better insulated we are trapping pollutants inside and increasing the need
   for air purification
• Allergies are never cured. They can only be managed

How effective is it?

•  We know, from our customers, that we are extremely effective because we work in a different way.
•  We are endorsed by Allergy UK*
•  A single Cleanaer unit fragrances a room up to 152m3 in size.

*Cleanaer holds the BAF endorsement for the removal of dust mite allergen and cat allergen from a sample test room of seventeen cubic metres.

How quickly will I feel the effects?

Cleanaer™ devices will start clearing the air immediately. Optimum air-clearance levels occur when Cleanaer droplets or Liquid-ions have filled the whole room and the effects can usually be seen within the first day.


How does a Cleanaer device work?

Cleanaer™ devices work in a completely different way to conventional filtration technologies.

Conventional technologies use a fan to draw air to a box containing a filter. The fan then forces air through this filter capturing particles as they pass through. Cleanaer devices work by dispersing tiny electrostatically charged droplets called Liquid-ions into the air. These Liquid-ions float throughout the room carried by the natural air currents. A Liquid-ion is 1000 times smaller than the eye of a needle so you cannot see them individually, but you may see a plume of Liquid-ions when they are released.

Each Liquid-ion carries a small charge which attracts pollutants and particles in the air. Once attracted, the particles are locked-out of the air and dragged to the ground. Once they reach the ground they are locked-down, preventing them from floating back up into the breathable air.

Cleanaer devices release Liquid-ions into the air in a short burst every 2 minutes so the air is constantly patrolled for unwanted particles. As soon as any new particles enter the space they are attracted to the Liquid-ions in the air and the lock-out and lock-down actions start immediately.

A single Cleanaer unit fragrances a room up to 152m3 in size.

What is in your formulation? (ingredients)

The liquid solution that goes into each cartridge is a unique formulation controlled to conform to the highest levels of safety and quality.

However, we do recommend that allergy-sufferers, and particularly people who have allergies to fragrance, should use our Pure Allergy Cartridge.

What setting should I use?
The setting you use for your Cleanaer unit depends on several factors:
  •       room size
  •       the nature of the problem
  •       the airflow in the room

The unit has 4 settings, including the 0_position. Positions I, II and III vary the droplet release time so that you can have your Cleanaer unit working at the best setting for your environment and needs. The higher the setting, the more Liquid-ions are released.

Every two minutes the unit releases Liquid-ions for a different length of time at each setting.

  • Setting I – 10 seconds
  • Setting II – 15 seconds
  • Setting III – 25 seconds
Getting started

Cleanaer™ devices are extremely easy to use, easy to maintain and are designed to work day and night.

The devices work constantly and silently in the background as you go about your daily life. You should notice the difference within the first day and the effect will build over time. By running constantly, the devices maintain optimum cleaning levels against the continuously changing air (and pollution) that enters your room. Because Cleanaer runs on batteries you don’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills. When you first get a Cleanaer device, follow the simple instructions in your Cleanaer User Guide and you will have it up and running in minutes.