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Freedom to breathe


  CleanaerTM, the unique air purifier, is scientifically proved
to reduce indoor allergens - specifically, dust-mite
and cat allergen, helping you breathe easier.

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Indoor allergies

Question: when is a cold not a cold?
Answer: When it's an indoor allergy.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

•    itchy eyes
•    runny nose
•    congested chest
•    sneezing
•    coughing
•    shortness of breath
•    tight chest 

During the colder months of the year many people think they have caught a cold or the flu. But, more often than not, these symptoms are caused by an indoor allergy. As the weather gets colder we spend more time indoors where our well-heated, well-insulated homes create a perfect breeding ground for dust mites.

Indoor Allergy Week runs for one week each year during winter but its focus, to highlight the problems of seasonal allergies and provide information to help reduce allergen levels in the home, is applicable all year round.