Using innovation to create
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  Cleanaer air purifier:

  Protecting the
  air we breathe



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Patented Technology

Enhancing life through innovation

Cleanaer™ patented technology adds a new dimension to air protection.  It challenges basic assumptions and changes how things are done.

Innovative Cleanaer devices provide a complete, proactive solution compared to bulky fan and filter technology. Rather than dragging air to the device, thetechnology removes the problem by treating the air around us. Battery-operated Cleanaer units can be discreetly positioned for optimal use.

Cleanaer technology represents a paradigm shift from localised air purification to continuous, whole-room coverage.





   Cleanaer work in progress

   Tests have been carried out which demonstrate
   that Cleanaer technology can:

   •  Remove airborne particulates
   •  Reduce airborne viruses
   •  Reduce airborne bacteria

   And we’ve only just begun...