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How does a Cleanaer device work?

Cleanaer™ devices work in a completely different way to conventional filtration technologies.

Conventional technologies use a fan to draw air to a box containing a filter. The fan then forces air through this filter capturing particles as they pass through. Cleanaer devices work by dispersing tiny electrostatically charged droplets called Liquid-ions into the air. These Liquid-ions float throughout the room carried by the natural air currents. A Liquid-ion is 1000 times smaller than the eye of a needle so you cannot see them individually, but you may see a plume of Liquid-ions when they are released.

Each Liquid-ion carries a small charge which attracts pollutants and particles in the air. Once attracted, the particles are locked-out of the air and dragged to the ground. Once they reach the ground they are locked-down, preventing them from floating back up into the breathable air.

Cleanaer devices release Liquid-ions into the air in a short burst every 2 minutes so the air is constantly patrolled for unwanted particles. As soon as any new particles enter the space they are attracted to the Liquid-ions in the air and the lock-out and lock-down actions start immediately.

A single Cleanaer unit fragrances a room up to 152m3 in size.