Using innovation to create
safer, purer environments


  Cleanaer air purifier:

  Protecting the
  air we breathe



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Cleanaer Range

Cleanaer Starter Pack

Cleanaer can help protect you
from impurities in the air.

What’s in the box
- 1 Cleanaer console
- 1 lavender cartridge
- 1 tamperproof wall bracket with key
- Screws and rawl plugs
- Free batteries
- Instructions


Cleanaer cartridge range

- Available to purchase in Twin Packs 


              Pure Allergy

              Special formulation that is
              irritant-free, allergen-free
              and fragrance-free.
              As with all our cartridges,
              our Pure Allergy cartridges use 
              Liquid-ions for optimal particle 
              and allergen removal. Popular
              with both allergy sufferers and 
              people who love fresh air.


              French Lavender

              An aromatic blend of relaxing
lavender and rosemary combined
              with delicate jasmine and creamy 


              Pure Scent

              A high quality, lightly floral 
              blend with fruity notes and
delicate powdery accords. 

 Cartridge-Tea-Tree-Oil-low-res.jpg              Tea Tree Oil

              Reduce airborne viruses and 

              The clean, hygienic smell is 
              subtle and unobtrustive. 

Please note: Tea Tree cartridges are only available for sale to business-to-business customers.


        Work In Progress

     Tests have been carried out which demonstrate
     that Cleanaer technology can:

       •  Remove airborne particulates
       •  Reduce airborne viruses
       •  Reduce airborne bacteria

        And we’ve only just begun...


Why do you offer fragrances in your product range?

Smells can stir powerful emotions and our fragranced cartridges are the finishing touch to any room.  Our cartridges contain a unique formulation controlled to conform to the highest levels of safety and quality. However, we do recommend that allergy-sufferers, and particularly people who are sensitive to fragrances, should use our Pure Allergy Cartridge.