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  Cleanaer air purifier:

  Protecting the
  air we breathe




  Protecting the air
       we breathe




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Getting started

Cleanaer™ devices are extremely easy to use and extremely low maintenance. 
Each device comes with its own wall bracket, screws and rawl plugs. It can be fitted using an electrical drill and in less than 3 minutes your device can be installed, operational and protecting a room.
Cleanaer devices are powered by batteries that come supplied, so you don’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills. The units work constantly and silently in the background. People normally notice the difference in air quality within the first day and the effect will build over time.
Find a suitable location, 2m (6ft) high on the wall where the device can release Liquid-ions into open space.

How to install a Cleanaer device 

To have your unit up and running in minutes you can:

1) Follow the simple instructions in your
    Cleanaer assembly instructions (PDF)

2) Watch the 'How to install a Cleanaer device' video 




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  Tools required and where to place Cleanaer
  for Optimal Eff

  Step 1
  Find a suitable location, 2m (6ft) high on the wall where
  Cleanaer can release the liquid ions into open space.
  Cleanaer comes supplied with a wall bracket, key,
  2 screws and 2 rawl plugs.
  If an electrical drill is used the wall bracket can be fitted
  quickly and easily.

  Step 2
  Once the wall bracket is fitted the batteries can be
  inserted into the Cleanaer unit. The cartridge is activated
  by following the instructions on the label at the back and
  simply pushing it together.
  Once activated place it on Cleanaer.
  Simply insert Cleanaer into the wall bracket, turn it to
  setting III and walk away. Leaving Cleanaer to protect the
  room for an entire month.