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Removing Bad Smells


 • Liquid-ions suppress airborne particles on contact, silently
   removing them from the air.

 • Aroma cartridges are now available in a variety of fragrances 

 • Cleanaer technology effectively remove bad smells (malodours)
    and can help eliminate sources of malodour while  fragrancing
    a room up to 152m3 in size with a single unit.

 • You can use Cleanaer units in any area where bad smells are
    present to prevent them from spreading.  

Remove bad smells

When running a high-class venue it is important to pay close attention to every detail, to ensure the right atmosphere for guests. Nobody wants their work or home environment to smell.

Many of the modern working and living trends of open plan living and open kitchen areas are great for showing friends and customers what is going on in the background. However, if smells are allowed to escape and travel around a whole building then what is meant to be an inviting scene can begin to turn people off.

Cleanaer™ devices emit tiny partially-charged, odour-attracting droplets of liquid that bind to particles, such as unwanted smells, dragging them to the ground leaving behind cleaner, fresher air.

When used with a Cleanaer aroma cartridge the air-clearing droplets also introduce a delicate and fresh fragrance. Cleanaer uses no propellants or gases and the scent it releases is not overwhelming, just pure and clean.
What makes Cleanaer technology unique is its ability to clean the air all over the room, not just in one place. Whenever new pollutants and smells are introduced to an environment Liquid-ions are there to capture those odour particles and remove them effectively.