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  Cleanaer air purifier:

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Air purification - no mains electricity required
BathroomCleanaer - complete cleaning

 In terms of volume, 90% of the space in offices and indoor environments is occupied by air. By cleaning the air we can create safer, more hygienic spaces and potentially lower absenteeism and make work places more pleasant and productive.

   Other facts about Cleanaer devices:

   - Completely silent
   - Battery-operated (no need for mains electricity)
   - Compact and unobtrusive
   - Available in various fragrances, or fragrance-free
   - Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Cleaner air in washrooms 

Offering the complete air purification solution, 24 hours a day

The facts:
The CleanaerTM air purifier represents a paradigm shift from conventional air purifiers because it treats the air itself to remove bacteria and germs, dust, odours, and other airborne particles like smoke and pollen without releasing ozone.

The challenges:
-  masking odours with strong smells doesn't solve the problem
-  strong smoke smells accumulate over time and settle into places that can't easily be cleaned including soft furnishings and pipes
-  some other air purifiers release harmful ozone into the air

How using a Cleanaer device can help
-  eliminates unpleasant odours, does not mask them
-  provides a whole room treatment solution 
-  actively treats the air in a room, ensuring the whole environment is thoroughly cleaned

Your business benefits:

-  a unique product to add to any cleaning product portfolio
-  a unique, patented solution to actually treat the air in a room, not just hide smells
-  a healthier environment for customers. 

Providing a whole-room cleaning solution



The business benefits of using Cleanaer™ air purifiers